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Pandoc Markdown

I've been using the Pandoc document translator / compiler periodically for a few years to create HTML documentation from Markdown. Recently, I started using it more frequently, so I took the time to develop a custom CSS style (nrstyle.css) to make the documents look nicer. Since writing Markdown is so simple, I am considering using this for new articles that I post here.

The following is an example document that demonstrates most of the major Pandoc Markdown features, and uses nrstyle.css when rendering:

The Markdown document,

When converted to HTML, using Pandoc, the document above becomes example.html:

And here are some articles that I wrote a few years ago and recently translated to Markdown: \rightarrow approx.html \rightarrow eulers-equation.html \rightarrow cubic-spline.html \rightarrow complex-trig.html \rightarrow inverse-trig.html

Nathaniel R. Stickley