Nathaniel R. Stickley

Software Engineer - Astrophysicist - Data Scientist

Introducing Trieste

Soon after beginning work at Caltech/IPAC, I began yearning for a better format for sharing data---a format that is more flexible than FITS and provides better built-in documentation. Essentially, I wanted a format in which the README document and supplementary info is expected to be included in the file itself, rather than in separate files. While returing from my first Euclid Developer's Workshop in Trieste, Italy, I began working on sketching out the details. The work continued for the next few months during weekends and nights, when I had a bit a free time. The project, called Trieste, is now in a usable state. The introduction is provided here:

Install using:

Read through examples here:

The initial version is Python-specific. I may begin working on a generalized version that can be used from multiple programming languages, if enough people show interest in the project and if I have sufficient free time to work on it.

The full-length introductory document is embedded below.

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Nathaniel R. Stickley